Big in performance

7 operating widths

Single- and double-disc

Lighter frame

The Vredo Profi injector is equipped as standard in its familiar double disc design, allowing the slurry to be deposited in a sharp cut for maximum nitrogen absorption.

After market research and interviews with users, we decided to also develop a single V-disc version. The single V-disc is ideal for applying slurry to spring crops such as grain and maize, but of course also for slurry injection on stubble. The discs are mounted on a maintenance-free and mechanically sprung dual disc holder. This reduces the weight and guarantees optimal contour following properties.

In addition, the use of maintenance-free torsion rubbers means the dual elements steer along. The torsion rubbers, in combination with the smart spring construction in which the spring is mounted on the frame, means the disc holder is self-aligning.


De Profi is available in seven different widths:

  • 7.50 metres (3 parts)
  • 8.25 metres (3 parts)
  • 9.00 metres (3 parts)
  • 9.75 metres (5 parts)
  • 12.00 metres (5 parts)

Newly developed single V-disc, the Solid Disc

In addition to Vredo’s trademark, the well-known double V-disc, a single V-disc has now also been developed. Deliberately not convex, but a smart V-shaped, hardened, wear-resistant disc, making it easier to work on looser soil types such as arable land and peat meadows, without aggressive cutting or filling. The single V-disc further ensures a significant reduction in weight. The single V-disc is extremely suitable for applying slurry to pasture, stubble or spring crops on all possible soil types. The smart design means the single V-disc benefits from low rolling resistance that penetrates much easier than traditional convex discs.

Specifications & options

Profi 7.5
7.5 metres
Profi 8.25
8.25 metres
Profi 9
9 metres
Profi 9.75
9.75 metres
Profi 12
12 metres
Profi 7.5
3.06 metres
Profi 8.25
3.43 metres
Profi 9
3.80 metres
Profi 9.75
3.92 metres
Profi 12
3.80 metres
- ES2000 switch
- Truncated triangle
- Automatic lubrication
- MultiFaster
- Guide wheels
- Towbar
- GPS section closure
- Camera

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